Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems allow you to update and maintain parts of your website yourself from anywhere in the world.

One of the most popular systems is Wordpress. Unfortunately, its popularity also makes it a target for hackers so using it does mean you need to keep up to date with security patches, updates and so on.

We use a much simpler system that does not need any user input unless you are updating text or pictures on your website. The main benefit to our system is that your website will be built to your requirements, you are not tied in to using a ready made template.

You can then login to make changes to predefined areas of text and images as required. It will not allow you to tinker with navigation menus, add or delete pages or change the structure of the site. It's as simple as using a word processor online . Login - Edit - Save.

Our system can be added to any new site that we develop and can even be retro fitted to many existing sites. however, if your existing site is not responsive (mobile friendly) you may be better electing to have a new site built.

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